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Updated: May 9, 2020


Obviously, everybody cannot be a translator – a professional in this regard. The thing is, translation is one demanding career which as well requires that one invest maximum drive plus natural talent.

Now, let’s get things straight; to be a successful and happy translator, you must be capable of consistently producing excellently translated texts, while still maintaining the curiosity and passion that led you into delving into the profession in the first instance. In a nutshell, to be a translator is far-from-easy.

Interestingly, owing to the diverse languages and specialties that exist, we will be safe to say that there are no two similar translators. Nonetheless, after careful observation, we can as well affirm that there are a few qualities that are common amongst all successful, happy, and good translators. In this article, you will be getting to know what makes a good, successful, and happy translator. Why? Of course, so you too can be one!

So, without much ado, the qualities of a successful translator are:

1. Language Qualifications

To be a successful translator, you must be exclusively qualified to not only understand the source language correctly, but also to detect all ambiguities, nuances, irony, and even humor that such a language includes. And also, the ability to transfer these elements from one language to another.

2. Decent Writing Skills

To be excellent and successful in translation, you must also have excellent writing skills. Basically, this is important because, with considerable ability in writing, you will find it easy to formulate thoughts into the rights word, mainly when translating both technical and literary texts. In essence, what is being said is that you will be able to put words more concisely.

3. Specialization

Another important thing you shouldn’t underestimate is you genuinely want to be both happy and successful as a translator is specialist knowledge. And, of course, this includes having expertise in a particular area. Although narrowing your translation services may cause you to have reduced patronage, trust us, it is quite beneficial in the long run. Plus, clients take translators more seriously when they have their niche wherein they operate.

Other qualities to have to become successful and happy as a translator include:

· Knowledge of the industry

· Self-discipline

· Management skills

· Thirst for knowledge

Basically, we can now both agree that being happy, successful and also good as a translator isn’t an easy feat.

Nonetheless, it isn't rocket science either. Anyways, what do you think about the factors discussed in this article? Do you think we omitted anything? Or do you have a personal experience to share in this regard? Please, feel free to share them with us via the comments section below – we will really love to hear from you!

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