With the demand for legal translation on the rise lately due to the simultaneous growth in international trade, Proficient Linguists has also grown its specialization in legal translations. Here at Proficient Linguists, we only work with native translators. Our translators have great understanding of the local judicial system, plus the various clauses and sections of the law. Over the years, we have had several deals with scholars and law firms too.


Indeed, small financial considerations can make you pull through with a deal with your customer or otherwise. Experts at Proficient Linguists are specialized in translating the T&Cs correctly to business clients or consumers of your services. Besides, you can also trust us for other related things such as banking, asset management, insurance service, and insurance. Whether you want to translate your PowerPoint presentations or training materials, we are confident in helping you communicate better.


Here at Proficient Linguists, we have many years of experience in software, hardware, BPO and LPO companies, and telecommunications. Our translation services range from the translation of training materials and manuals to translation of text files, website localization, and so on irrespective of the languages involved.


We are staffed with loads of creative translators. Our translators come up with the best words in your choice of language when advertising, such that your campaigns are successful, and also public relation strategies and market research comprehensive yield desirable results. In light of this, irrespective of the type of advertisement – radio, TV, print, or web – brochure, press releases, you can be assured of success. 

Life Sciences

Reviews from our clients show that they feel we have put a special recipe to place as to how magically we formulate our translations. However, we believe it is due to our gifted translators whose domain knowledge cannot be underestimated. Our team is equipped with the best capabilities to work on projects; this includes medical texts, research paper, prescriptions, user guides, clinical reports for biotech firms, pharmaceuticals, and other related healthcare companies.


Communicating with your clients with the language that such a client understands, is one of the most effective ways of selling. Here at Proficient Linguists, we will offer your inexpensive means of translating your contents to that of your potential clients. This is more reason companies in consumer goods and durables, construction and automobile, come to us.



In addition to our several services, we translate educational books, non-fictions and fictions, magazines, and research papers.

Public Sector

During our 15 years of experience, we have worked in various government departments, public sector undertakings, healthcare centers, etc. In as much as there may be no accurate translation to several words of the governments, but then our translators can still help in keeping the legality of such documents. Public Sector documents that we translate include land papers, certificates, and affidavits.

International Organizations and NGOs

At Proficient Linguists, we understand that international organizations are operating in an environment of diverse languages. Tandem to this, we have tailored our language translation services such that they meet even the most demanding requirements for your organization.

So, should you need the services of a specialized translation agency, you can trust our specialists.


Whether your company, community, or organization is addressing the COP21 or SDGs goals or developing green energy systems, sustainable forest management, conducting environmental studies, or drafting low emission strategies, you can still trust our expertise at Proficient Linguists. Here, we understand the importance of these efforts both for you and the planet at large. Consequently, we invest as much as we can so we can come up with nothing but the best results for you.


Marketing and Communication

The influence of effective communication can never and should also never be undermined. It should no longer be news that communicating effectively with your potential customers plays a crucial role in both convincing your potential customers and motivating your employees and suppliers too. And here at Proficient Linguists, we know this already and are ready to offer you the best in this regard. All thanks to our experts' cultural and linguistic knowledge which aids how excellent we execute our marketing translations.


Cosmetics and Beauty

Our language services are also designed to cater to your most excellent and luxurious care products. This way, we help in strengthening your brand’s image and identity. And of course, we all know the importance of brand uniqueness, especially now that the cosmetic market is highly competitive. Our translation service is multifaceted, and caters for all sections, be it personal care products, cosmetics, or even fragrances.

Real Estate

Translation experts at Proficient Linguists have a great understanding of the meaning of quality and the influence it has on both you and the image of your brand. Consequently, we have employed tailored language solutions with the best quality standards such that standing out with style won’t be an issue for your brand. In this regard, we have a specific team of language experts you can trust for your real estate content translation.

Insurance Companies

Our arm of translation services also stretches across the insurance sector. Our translation service in this regard includes home and vehicle, liability and legal, pension plans and funds, and health insurance. With our specialist and industry experts in the US, and the worldwide market, you can rely on us for quality and timely delivery, amongst several other things to enjoy.


At Proficient Linguists, we understand that technical translations need industry-specific knowledge, at least to a significant level, plus broad and rich experience in such field so even the highest standards of quality can be met. In light of this, we provide highly accurate and high-end translations to our clients, all thanks to our well-skilled translation team whose specialization is in engineering.