Translation Services

Here at Proficient Linguists, be assured of having your project handled by experienced experts. We take extreme pride in our native linguists and translators, with whom we have bettered our capacity to translate almost all regional and national languages. Just name them. These experts can handle all sort of projects, ranging from only a few words to translating the entire documentation of big companies, which, of course, sums up to thousands of pages.

We at Proficient Linguists offer all kinds of translation services. In as much as it is a translation, we are confident of delivering nothing but the best for you, although it all depends on the requirements you provide. 


Editing & Proofreading

In anything written that you provide for users’ consumption, it is imperative that you ensure the neatness and tidiness of such content. In other words, in order to make your communication medium and the communicated message effective, it is essential that such communication needs to be well-structured, well-written, and most especially error-free. At Proficient Linguists, we ensure all our translations are free of all kinds of error.

Once your documentations get edited by us, you can be assured of getting a final product that doesn’t only fulfil all the laws of grammatical concord, right and proper idiomatic expressions, void of slangs, but also highly sensitive to the culture of the language’s originating country.



Proficient Linguists transcribe anything that can be deciphered. Our transcription service is comprehensive and vast, including popular ones such as legal, medical, conferences and events, conference call, business meeting, press briefing, interviews, seminars, and even lectures.

Also, we offer special transcription services for your unique requirements such as marketing surveys, medical surveys, other kinds of recorded surveys, recorded films and videos, recorded phone conversations, and so on.

Nonetheless, that is not all. We work with customers whose requirements are somewhat unique too. Tandem to this, you can contact us to enjoy an accurate, affordable, yet efficient transcription service.


Content Writing

For business driven by content, what singles such a company out of the crowd is the quality of their content, and also how the content is presented to the users for consumption. It is no longer news that the structure and grammar of languages vary with respect to regional changes. For example, the evident differences between the US and UK English.

At Proficient Linguists, we do not only curate research-oriented, and easy-to-read content for our clients but our content is also audience-driven. In other words, we put our clients' target audience to consider when writing, such that the particular content is suitable for such persons from that region. With us, you do not need to worry over the sparse audience's readability.


Also, we offer assistance for your content that might need the services of publishing. Our services in this regard include periodic emails, newsletters, blogs, websites and so on. We execute all of these services while putting your choice of language first. Our team of content writers is waiting for you – hire us today!


Typing Services

Do you need to have your handwritten notes, faxes, paperback, or perhaps PDF files converted into a text file or word document? Then Proficient Linguists have got you covered!

With over 15 years of experience in typing documents irrespective of the format, you can trust us to handle your typing projects. We offer our clients affordable yet fast typing services, one such that’s unbeatable. Let us help you convert your research paper, books, PDF, and faxes into word documents and text files.


Our team of typing experts have got you covered on all of these. So, stop fussing with random papers in your home or office; make use of our typing services today to get them organized digitally!

Whether you are typing just a few document or large ones, our team is here for you. We can retype your handwritten notes to MS Word format today!


Data Entry

In the simplest of languages, data entry is the process of manually entering and typing information on the computer via the use of the Microsoft Office suite software, which includes the Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OpenOffice, and Microsoft access.

Data entry requires excellent typing skills and reasonable knowledge of grammar, including the appropriate usage of punctuation and spaces. It also involves the collection of raw data and entering it on an already designed and structured form. These raw data can be gotten in various ways, including handwritten documents, images, and so on.

Data entry also features data cleansing or scrubbing. This is a process whereby incorrect, improperly formatted, duplicated, or incomplete data is removed from the database. Here at Proficient Linguists, we offer data entry service cut across several sectors, including banking, telecommunication, insurance, relating, and so many more.

Therefore, should you need the service of a professional, affordable, and comprehensive data entrant, irrespective of your requirements, Proficient Linguists is your best option.